Resolution Idea 2012 – #9


Go Green – Go Automatic – Go Mobile 


Get all your bills and statements on line.  Get no paper mail. Saves time, stamps, and paper.  Everything you need to know about your finances are available on line.  No more filing, sorting mail or managing piles of papers.  Scan anything you need to save for taxes.  One small disk vs boxes of files.  It is important to have a system that works.  The less time you spend thinking about paying bills, the more time you will have to think about persuing other areas of your life.


Set up any regular monthly bill to be paid automatically.  You will never have to remember to pay, never get another late fee and have instant proof of payment.


Since I don’t get mail, it is easy to move to fun and exciting places and I don’t have the hassle of trying to keep track of my mail.  I do have a PO Box as a permanent address.

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