Let’s Start Downsizing- 3 Fast Track Tips

So I sold my car, rented my house and liquidated most possessions and hit the road.

Yes I was a little extreme but actually went from spending about $6000 a months on total bills- mortgages, property tax, homeowners, car , memberships, lawn guy, cleaning lady, cable, electric, gas, all the insurances, etc. to $1000. We don’t realize how much it costs us to maintain a home.  It is only an asset if you make money on it when you sell, but in today’s world, it is a liability.  Yes, you must live somewhere, but why not in someone else’s home or where you really want to be and with flexibility to move when you choose?

It is cheaper for me to travel full time than to live in my house and manage my stuff. I’m not staying in hotels or moving everyday.  By not maintaining a tradition home, I live on far less money.

AND, too much stuff weighs us down.  Think of a computer scanning files looking for a specific document.  That’s what your brain has too when it looks at all your things.  Physical Clutter creates Mental Clutter.  Thing Zen- lean and clean: no piles!

So here are tips

1. Use up everything you have on hand- pantry, freezer, bathroom, garage, attic, basement and bar.  Buy nothing but perishables for a few months.  Things expire, so check the dates.

2. Go through you home and act as though you are moving.  Sell or donate anything you wouldn’t pay to move.  Don’t wait to long or no one will want outdated things.  Turn stuff into cash.  Don’t save things for other people, they have there own clutter and style.  If you are caretaker of “family heirlooms, take pictures of it and send out an email telling everyone to come get or don’t be a “Johnny come to Late.”

3. Closet- A. go in right now and pull out 20 things you can donate or sell. B. turn all the hangers backward on the rack and when you wear something, place the hanger back normally.In a month or so, you can easily see what you don’t wear.  C. take your top 10 “go-to shoes “ and put them in another closet and for 1 month, wear other shoes you have but don’t normally wear.  If you don’t love them, donate them.

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