Barbara Elaine Singer

Reinventing My Life..the story continues :

Life is one big adventure. Time to Travel, Freedom to Choose and Adventure for joy. I would be happy to coach you through the transition if you have this dream too.

2018: Started with sailing on a 42 foot monohull from Florida to the Bahamas as volunteer crew and stayed on board until February. Then I flew to Panama City, Panama and joined another boat in Boca Del Toro and sailed her thru the Panama Canal, which was on my nautical bucket list. From there, I explored the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador and Colombia till June. Then I flew to Lecce, Italy, in July sailed from Sardinia to Valencia Spain, August hopped aboard another sailboat and island hopped the Cyclades Greek Islands for a month, and now I am in Malta. Hoping this will be a place to settle for awhile. I want old Europe, island, warm and a holistic community.

2017: San Miguel, Mexico
With a little cash in my pocket, a new idea popped into my mind. During a Zumba class doing Salsa moves, I thought about San Miguel Mexico, a little expat town about 3 hours outside Mexico City. Knowing how the Universe likes speeds, I went home, and booked it. Even though I had never been there, didn’t know anyone, or how to speak Spanish, I planned a 5 week stay. The f Everything fell magically into place.

Next stop: My Beloved Italy and Portugal

2016: Back to Life on the Water
Ready for a change and new chapter, I answered an ad on, and hopped aboard a sailboat in Malaysia. From there, the Captain and I flew to the Philippines to deliver a 42 foot catamaran back to Malaysia. For 16 days, a 3 person crew sailed day and night for 1600 miles on the South China Sea around Singapore (the busiest shipping lane in the world…. navigating past 1000 ft tankers and cargo ships) and up the Malacca Strait back to Langkawi.

With taste of Sea Life back in my heart and a desire to get back to the USA ( it had been 3 years ), I flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and got my STCW certification (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers) which allowed me to crew on a super yacht. I free-lanced on and off, as chef, stewardess, deckhand and mate on a 72 foot motor yacht. We traveled around the Caribbean from Florida to St. Maartin.

2014-2016: Bali
Ubud is a magical inland town, bursting with yoga, healers, organic food, green rice paddies, detoxing and spiritual awakening. The Land of the Gods and its enchanting people hold a special place in my heart, held me in its arms and gave me an opportunity to dive headfirst into the amazing world of self discovery, teaching life reinvention workshops/coaching and exploring energy work while becoming part of the Taksu Spa and Wellness Center family.

2013: My time in Tuscany and at the vineyard ended expectedly and it was time to start a new chapter. With a broken heart, I went to Rome and roamed the streets for two months, getting lost in art and history but city life was not for me. The Universe delivered my desire for a soft place to fall and provided a wonderful opportunity for me to housesit in the rural ancient walled village of Anghiari.
In November, I answered my heart’s call to travel to places I had longed to visit and embarked on an 8 month soul searching, solo journey through India, Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and finally found my resting place in Bali.

About Barbara Elaine Singer

Barbara is an award-winning author, certified life reinvention coach and Ultra-vagabond. Being a life long student of self-help and motivation, she has walked on fire with Tony Robbins and finds great joy living abroad, and meeting people from around the world. Her greatest passion is inspiring others to wake up and start living. She specializes in midlife reinvention and teaches others how to jump off the treadmill of the consumerism and create a life of purpose and passion. She has made her home all over the world, including Tuscany, Bali, live aboard sailboat as well San Miguel Mexico. She is a three-time marathon finisher and two-time Ironman tri-athlete. She was born in 1961, grew up as one of eight children in rural Lancaster Country Pennsylvania, graduated from Penn State University and lived in Orlando for 20 years before she embarked on the journey chronicled in the memoir.

Barbara is also an experienced and engaging public speaker and seminar leader who shares her story in workshops throughout the U.S. She is particularly passionate about the subject of life reinvention including pro-actively turning a mid-life crisis into a midlife triumph, how to travel anywhere on a tight budget, how to live abroad inexpensively, how to overcome empty-nest syndrome and many other life challenges.

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