Ebb and Flow of Life

The Campuhan River holds special sacred meaning to the Balinese especially in Ubud where two waters merge. Just as the priest, Rsi Markandeya in ancient times was drawn to this sacred area because of its intense energy, travelers today from far and wide, come seeking tranquility to allow new inspiration to bubble up from within.

Nestled along the slopes of the river, Svarga Loka Resort, which means heavenly paradise, an all -inclusive wellness destination, encourages guests to uncover their passions and explore ways to give back to their home communities through their unique programs. In keeping with the tradition of spiritual healing and wellness, guests discover how to uncover their passions and explore how to best use their talents, knowledge and resources.

Life is like a river, flowing down stream through rapids, gentle currents and even still pools. The constant is the flow and how we react to it is key. We can be swept aimlessly downstream, paddle hard against it or use a rudder and participate in creating the life of our dreams. Harnessing the power of intention and choice is the foundation for turning dreams into reality.

And so the pendulum swings to and fro between allowing something to happen and making it happen. Having goals sets the scene for life to play out and allowing invites the magic. Sometimes the best ideas come in the stillness of a tree or in the peacefulness of a butterfly floating by. Dream, Create, Breath.

Please join me at Svarga Loka Retreat Center in Ubud, Bali where I will be hosting a Life Reinvention Retreat August 24-30, 2014

Jump Start Your Life by Moving to a New City or Country

If your life has stalled or you are tired of chancing the “slave, save, die” mentality- just stop! Then—restart! I did that, and it has worked out beyond my wildest dreams. At age 45, I found myself single, empty nested and in a job that no longer served me. I liquidated my possessions, rented out my house, cut my expenses to almost nothing, traveled to Italy and rented a room from a local woman I found on the internet, even though I didn’t know anyone or speak the language.


New surroundings will change the way you see the world. My new mantra became “collect experiences, not stuff.” Disconnecting from constant news of fear and doomsday, consumerism and junk TV allowed me to enjoy the little things in life again, especially the wonderfully slow pace of European living and the luxury of time. Now I have time to read and go for evening walks in the piazza. I have just two filled suitcases and a computer as my sole possessions, and live with a family in their home. I love not maintaining a house, car or having to managing multiple possessions. I choose to have a passport filled with stamps rather than chasing the illusion of security and waiting for retirement in order to truly “live.”


Once you make the decision, your view of the world changes. From then on your mindset becomes ‘one of movement, mobility and raveling light. For me, n I no longer need anything, and everything is negotiable. I make my choices freely. I choose to spend my time differently. I choose to spend money differently. I choose to live my life differently.’ Choose what is best for you, not what others think is best for you.

Would you rather have a plane ticket or a mortgage?
Would you rather have freedom or a paycheck?
Would you rather have a backpack or a walk-in closet?
Would you rather have a passport filled with stamps or a bank account filled with money?
Would you rather live your dream or watch someone else live it on Reality TV?


Hit the road. Don’t overplan, just go! If you wait until everything is in place you will never go. Decide to meet new people who are living incredible lifestyles now. It will open your eyes and blow your mind.


When I first moved to Italy, it was only supposed to be for four months, a mini retirement. However, once I arrived, I discovered all kinds of opportunities. Don’t think traditional methods such as getting a work visa, getting a contract job, renting an apartment and buying furniture. Keep it light and loose, an “I ‘m just passing through” mentality. Do look for opportunities to provide a service that calls for your natural talents.


You can’t see these opportunities in another part of the world until you are living there. Proximity is power! If the first place you land is not a good fit, move again. My dream was to live in Florence, but once I lived there for a month, I discovered that I loved the green rolling hills of Chianti more, and rented a different room there. That’s where my dream truly materialized.