Why is downsizing, gaining time and reducing debt so near and dear to my heart?


Because it brings such incredible freedom.  It wasn’t until I removed myself from the craziness of chasing money and stuff, that I saw how truly different life could be. Busyness is a trick of the ego to make you feel important and active when in fact it keeps you running in a circle rather than moving forward and  spending time doing what you really love.

When you are active, you are busy checking things off the to-do, but you are not really productive in moving forward with life’s major goals or purpose.  When we are soooo busy completing tasks, the day goes by and Where is the JOY ?  When you fall into bed at night, you may have gotten lots of thing done but was it fun?

Try scheduling JOY time into your day and /or downtime.  For 1 hour I am going to sit and read and savor a cup of coffee or at night, rather than watch TV, I am going to take a bubble bath complete with candles and music I love.



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  1. ann says:

    I so enjoyed your book, Living without Reservations, my son is in college in another state, my house is up for sale, and all my stuff is going into storage today, 5’x 10′, and I am going for a little adventure with my dog. My friends and relatives do not know what to think other than I have lost my mine. While having coffee with my real estate agent, and talking about how upset my friends are, a total stranger leaned over and said….Just Go!…no real plan but I do not think that really matters. Thanks again for your words…

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