Why Does Debt Weigh Us Down So Much?

Why does debt weigh us down so much and how does it happen?

Because we enjoyed the pleasure before had the money.  The pleasure is long gone or as in a movie, clothing or vacation, but we still owe for it.  It happens because we are living above our means.  Either our financial situation changed and we didn’t adjust our spending or we are getting temporary happiness in stuff rather than finding JOY in “free entertainment, learning, helping others or our relationships.  Happiness is not found in  a new pair of shoes.

And lets not forget how powerful American Marketing can be and how much self discipline it takes to decide for yourself what you NEED and what is an EXTRA.


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  1. Rae S. Guy says:

    We are a pleasure seeking society, yet this is not leading to happiness. Discover the secret to achieving the deep and abiding happiness that we all seek, as well as the vast difference between happiness and momentary pleasure.

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