Resolution Idea – 2012 #8


Pick Up a Side Job Doing Something You Love


If you are really serious about getting out of debt,  adding more income and spending less is the fastest way.  They go together, just like diet and exercise. Each one works OK on their own, but combined, the whole process just speeds up.  Here again, the “new money” is not mixed with regular household bills, it goes directly toward debt.  Keep your debt on a chart and celebrate every payment you make reducing it.  Keep your goal and progress in front of you so that can see it reducing.  It won’t feel so overwhelming when you see the action you are taking to eliminate it.


Picking up a side job can be fun, not punishment, if it is something you love.  Think about your talents and what brings you joy -like pet sitting or dog walking, tutoring a child, help someone with computer skills, play music in a cafe, sell your art or closet organizing. If you are a parent and want to spend time with your family, think of jobs you can take in and do together, like babysitting.


If you love your work, you will never work a day in your life !


Tell all your friends what you are offering and put out flyers where your potential customers spend time.  I love books and people, so working in a traditonal book store or flower shop would be perfect. Make it convenient to where you live and commit to just a few nights or only Saturdays, for example. 



Chosing a job where you are tipped is the fastest way to make a lot of money.  Work in a highend hotel or restaurant and do your very best.  Parking cars, bell hop, waiting tables, bartending, cocktail waitor or concierge are all jobs where you can make a lot of quick cash, much more than an hourly wage. 


It is only temporay until things get under control.  Who knows, perhaps the new people you will meet will bring new opportunities into your life.  Take action and be an Opener of Doors !



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