Resolution Idea 2012 – #7


Practice the Gift of Exchange


The next thing you need to buy, figure out how to get it without spending money.  Get the book from the library or trade babysitting services with another parent friend.  If you don’t spend it, you don’t need to earn it.


Trade your talent for something you need. Wash and vacuum someone’s car in exchange for a massage. Do yard work  in exchange for your neighbor repairing the leaky faucet. Or perhaps a computer lesson or tutoring to their child. Everyone needs something and everyone has something to give. Give what you enjoy doing and it will be fun.  Barter for everything.


Even try a party dress exchange.  Everyone bring a fabulous party dress they have already ready worn and trade it with someone else.  You could do the same with shoes, bags, kids clothing/toys or other gently or never used items too. Everyone wins.

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