Resolution Idea 2012- #10



Resolve to Downsize, Reduce Debt Fast and Gain Time !



Go to the dry cleaners every 2 or 3 months rather than 2 or 3 times a month


Wait until you have worn just about everything in your closet then go through what is left and decide if you really want to keep it.  Sort the pieces you are taking to the cleaners and decide if you really love them and want to keep them before you pay to clean them. Then find a bargain cleaner even if they are not just around the corner. Ask the owner for a volume discount.


Same with laundry, do it every 2 or 4 weeks. That will force you to wear everything in your drawers and will free you from constantly doing laundry. You will be surprised how much stuff you have that you really never wear because you don’t like it or it does fit.  It is far better to have a few pieces that make you feel good when you wear them, than piles of clothing you never wear. Donate it before it become out of fashion and no one wants it.  There are many who have far less than you and your kindness will brighten their day!


Think of this:  If you have 30 pairs of shoes, that means you will wear each pair just 12 times per year.  If you wear the same shoe more often, another pair will NEVER leave your closet!  Stop spending time, energy and money managing your stuff.  Go light and lean so you can focus on the fun things in life.


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