What if I Don’t have Enough Money to go on Vacation for a Month?

You are not “going on vacation.”  You are going to experience another place as a local. You will know in advance how much money you will need, so stick to your budget. Flight, room, groceries and pocket money.  Use frequent flyer miles or scan the web for  deal.  I fly only major city to major city and then us a local, cheap fly to get to the big outbound city. You will live in someone’s home or a fully furnished apt and cook your own meals.  Your time will be spent walking the city streets, exploring or sitting on bench and observing. Your days will be filled with the new site and sounds your new town and letting it re-set your body clock back to your natural rhythm.  People often ask, “What do you do all day?” because we are so over stimulated that we forget that we are naturally creative. Leave some room for serendipity !


Consider renting out your place for the month while you are gone. Ask all your friends if they know someone who would like your place for a little holiday.  There are several home exchange sites on the internet.  99% of the world is filled with wonderful people, just like you.  Only the freaks make the news. Nice people doing loving things don’t sell. It’s just stuff!  No one is going to take your high school pom poms!  haha.


Money will always be an issue until you learn to use it differently.  If you can’t make it from week to week or have debt, your are living above your means. Housing is the biggest money eater that is disguised as a necessity and first and easiest thing to change.  Either get into something cheaper, like a 1 or 2 bedroom condo with little or no maintenance and share the pool and tennis courts or start to share the house you are in.  If you are a single mom, get a single mom roommate and start splitting expenses and childcare needs.   Rent out your spare rooms and start collecting $400-$1000 a month depending where you live. Include utilities so you don’t stuck in picking apart the bills.  You are already paying anyway. Set house rules so every one knows the drill and pick someone like yourself.  You many find a wonderful new friend and make lots of “instant” money.

2 Responses to What if I Don’t have Enough Money to go on Vacation for a Month?

  1. Barbara says:

    You are not going on vacation, you are living like a local in another country. The cost of going for a month is the same as going for 1 week because you are not staying in a hotel but renting a furnished apartment for 1 months at the same cost as a hotel for 1 week. Then you have a kitchen and can cook which is the same as you would be doing if you stayed home !!

  2. Angela says:

    I lived in Italy for 3 months back in 2009, I stayed in a self contained homestay and lived on about 18 euros a day, it was the best time that I had and I was able to live as a local and study the language for some of the time by becoming friends with an Italian teacher who I’ve been friends with now for the last 6 years. I’m planning on moving back to Italy for good and am currently saving as much money as possible.
    I left my home and pets in the care of house mates for the entire time I was away.
    If you can do it I suggest you do! you have nothing to lose!

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