How Do I Go for a Month if I Don’t have that Much Vacation Time?


Ask for an unpaid leave of absence.  You will be surprised how many companies would love to have you off the payroll for a few weeks.  Before you ask, make sure you can show your boss how she will cope with your work load when you are gone.  Try not to offer to “work remotely every day” as it will spoil your internal clock resetting. If you were sick or had to take time away to care for a family member, you would like a way to make it work.  Do it for yourself now, while you are healthy.  Get creative.  Think outside the box.


It seems like we have time and no money or no time but money. I can assure you that the perfect time will never come.  You just have to take the leap of faith and go.  The world won’t fall apart because you are gone for a few weeks. Things will always come up but only you make the  important or not.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Ask for 1 month unpaid leave of absence. You would do it for a sick child or parent, why not do it for yourself? Also, rent out your home while you are gone to someone else. Air BnB is a great site, so is Then you can get some income while you are away!

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