Resolution Ideas 2012 #4


Clean out all closets, garage, attic, and basement and sell your unwanted stuff.

Turn your unwanted household stuff into cash.  Use it, lose it, sell it or donate it.  There are others with a greater need than you.


Have a multi-family yard sale with some friends at another location if your community doesn’t allow them. It will be more fun and you can share placing the ad, getting tables and putting out signage.


Consign designer clothes or expensive jewelry.  Sell values and collections on Ebay or Craigslist.  Remember, we are collecting experiences, not stuff.  One woman downsized just her master walk-in closet and made $1000 selling clothes, purses and shoes and found an old uncashed check for over $500 and she was able to recover the funds. 


Use the “new cash” to pay directly toward the principal of a debt you are trying to eliminate. Don’t blend it in with other household  money.                                          


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