How to Follow Your Dreams

What advice would you give someone who wants to follow their dreams?

Do it and do it yesterday! I clearly remember recognizing the first month I didn’t have my “big job” and realized that the sky didn’t fall down and that I was going to be OK. Once I stopped all reoccurring monthly charges and found inexpensive temporary housing renting a room in someone else’s home through the Internet ( or craigslist), I discovered that it took very little money to live.  Go to where you want to live first, then figure out how to stay there. Do not map out your whole plan and wait to go until you have a job, apartment, visa, know the language…. go first. You don’t know what opportunities will be there until you get there. Remember, you can always go “back” and get a “real” job again! I also love the site HelpX.

Once I started to trust myself that “I can handle whatever comes up” the whole world opened up for me.  The right people, circumstances and events fell right into my lap. I used my gut feeling to decide where to go and what to do. If it felt right, I did it and the miracles kept happening.

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