A New View on Retirement

If you could retire tomorrow but only pick one place to do it, where would it be?

I really can’t pick a place. I have hot feet and don’t think I will ever let grass grow under them. My bucket list is soooo long. It will take me the rest of my life to see it all!

I am already retired, meaning I don’t “go to work” everyday, I have downsized and I have time, freedom and the ability to travel. I am not golfing or living in a retirement community or living on a fixed income. I love my work and use it as a means to live the life I want. There is little separation between work and play for me. I am not working for the future. I strive to have “enough” and am obsessive about enjoying where I am in this moment and am acutely aware of the gifts I already have.

One last thought is to use the different world economies in your favor. Earn money in dollars and spend it in pesos. Your dollars go along way when you can rent an apartment for pennies on the dollar in Central American or Asia. Even in Italy, although the exchange rate is not in my favor, the cost of living is so low, that I can rent a fully furnished apartment with electric and wifi for less than a $1000 a month. Use inexpensive, readily available public transportation and you don’t need to buy and maintain a car. Don’t plan out the rest of your life, just work a few months ahead. Travel light and stay flexible.

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