Why is downsizing, gaining time and reducing debt so near and dear to my heart?


Because it brings such incredible freedom.  It wasn’t until I removed myself from the craziness of chasing money and stuff, that I saw how truly different life could be. Busyness is a trick of the ego to make you feel important and active when in fact it keeps you running in a circle rather than moving forward and  spending time doing what you really love.

When you are active, you are busy checking things off the to-do, but you are not really productive in moving forward with life’s major goals or purpose.  When we are soooo busy completing tasks, the day goes by and Where is the JOY ?  When you fall into bed at night, you may have gotten lots of thing done but was it fun?

Try scheduling JOY time into your day and /or downtime.  For 1 hour I am going to sit and read and savor a cup of coffee or at night, rather than watch TV, I am going to take a bubble bath complete with candles and music I love.



Most Remote Location I Visited

What is the most remote or isolated place you have ever visited?

I visited Bora Bora and stayed in an over the water bungalow and loved it. On the road trip with my dad, we got in some very remote forests with giant trees and I felt the very presence of our Universal Life Source. That was life changing!

My Worst Travel Experience

What is the worst travel experience you can remember?

The night our boat dog, Bambi, fell overboard in a bad storm in the middle of the night and drowned. We were changing guard at the helm and released our jack lines, including the one Captain Pete made for her and during the creaking and swaying of the boat and the roar of the waves, she must have gone unnoticed on deck to go to the bathroom and slid off. We were devastated to discover her missing just minutes later but it was impossible to find a little dog in 12 foot seas in the dark.

My Journal Became a Book

Tell us about your book, ‘Living With Reservations’.

It’s the true story of how I quit my life. I went from wife, mother, corporate commissioned sales executive commuting from the suburbs of Orlando to divorced, empty nested, survived the death of my fiancé and liquidation to a road trip to Alaska, to island hopping the Caribbean to Italy and landing on a winery in Tuscany with a handsome wine maker, all on a shoe string budget.

I turned my personal journal into a life-changing, awe inspiring, “all-in” journey of globetrotting and discovery of what it means to be brave, dream big, think outside the box and create one’s own definition of happiness. I openly share the thrills, fears and guilt as I learned to live without reservations. My hope is that is will inspire others to take the leap of faith and live the life of their dreams. You can find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, in print or eBook.

My Beloved Italy

What is the one place you’ve been that everyone should see before they die?

Definitely, Florence Italy. It is the medieval city of “rebirth” filled with art, history, and amazing architecture.  The Italians are the fun, loving people who live well focusing on family, food, traditions, fashion and style. The Tuscan countryside is special too. So is the coastal seaside and then there is Venice and Rome. OK, so just Italy in general!