My Journal Became a Book

Tell us about your book, ‘Living With Reservations’.

It’s the true story of how I quit my life. I went from wife, mother, corporate commissioned sales executive commuting from the suburbs of Orlando to divorced, empty nested, survived the death of my fiancé and liquidation to a road trip to Alaska, to island hopping the Caribbean to Italy and landing on a winery in Tuscany with a handsome wine maker, all on a shoe string budget.

I turned my personal journal into a life-changing, awe inspiring, “all-in” journey of globetrotting and discovery of what it means to be brave, dream big, think outside the box and create one’s own definition of happiness. I openly share the thrills, fears and guilt as I learned to live without reservations. My hope is that is will inspire others to take the leap of faith and live the life of their dreams. You can find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, in print or eBook.

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