Using the Law of Attraction
Using the Law of Attraction

I used the law of attraction to bring the right people, places and circumstances into my life while I was on a midlife reinvention journey.  After a divorce, sudden death of my fiancé and only child going off to college, I changed everything about my life and took enormous leaps of faith, but knew that I was attracting all the right people and trusted that I would be taken care of.


For example:

I needed to get out of town and asked to borrow my dad’s camper to go out West on a road trip alone to spend time in nature.  He said no, but I will go with you if we go to Alaska. Three days later, we took off together for 6 weeks. It was his dream to drive to Alaska.


Next, I was working at a marina bar in South Florida and met Captain Pete.  He was looking for crew to go Island hopping in the Caribbean his 42 foot sailboat.  I didn’t know Pete or how to sail but went anyway and had the time of my life for the next 100 days. He could have been a weirdo or bad captain, but he wasn’t.  He was just a good man looking for a good first mate.


Then, I rented a room in the home of a woman in Tuscany that I found the Internet, wired her some money and jumped on a plane, even though I didn’t know anyone or speak the language.  She ended up being an empty nest mom like me and we came fast friends.  She did speak English of course. I felt completely comfortable in her home.


Each time I made a move, I kept saying, I am in the right place at the right time…all good things are coming to me now.  I felt totally guided and safe with a wonderful “knowing” that I was on the right path.   I got goose bumps when I found the ad for “Room To Rent” in Tuscany. How wonderful to go on the road trip with my dad rather than alone.  I still listen to The Secret regularly on my I pod, carry a portable vision board and have sticky notes with my favorite sayings.  I focus on my goals daily, but with gratitude and thankfulness. I live a very different lifestyle now and know that all my “good fortune” is powered by the Universe.


I think of it like this:

If I had a treadmill that made electricity, I could run really fast and make electricity to power a lamp, a fan and radio or I could just plug them into the wall socket.  I can create my own life through hard work or I can just plug into the Universe and use the great infinite power.

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  1. I love the efforts you have put in this, appreciate it for all the great posts.

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