Resolution Ideas in 2012 – #2


Buy Nothing. Use up household stuff you have on hand. Stay out of the stores. 


Physical clutter causes mental clutter and keeps you going in a circle rather than moving forward.  Strive for lean, clean and streamline.  This will open up time, space and lighten your to-do list giving you an opportunity to focus on other area of your life.


Rampant Consumerism is a waste of time, energy, money and is bad for our earth.  No one’s willpower is stronger than the power of American marketing. Don’t get sucked into consumerism. If you don’t know it existed, you won’t want to buy it. Things bring only temperary satisfaction.  Get to the good stuff -joy, bliss, relationships, self discover, adventure, nature and learning.


Shop with a list and only as needed, not just for 1 or 2 items. Do not shop for entertainment. Use up all the items in your pantry, freezer, garage, bathroom, bar and wine cellar.  Buy only perishables in small quantities.  Make it a game to find new recipes to use up whatever you have on hand until every can and dry good is used. Try  

Shopping less saves you money. Spend $10 a week on bread and fruit rather than $100 and save $360 a month.

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