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Kelly:  I am following a similar transition path as you and I am curious if you ever see a person like the person who you used to be, say a stylish blond driving in her Lexus SUV with her reflecting Gucci glasses, and think you might like to be there again or are you so happy that you are okay with the world you left behind. Just curious…



I am so happy and find “wealth and riches” in non material things. I do think it is tough to get off the money wheel and remain living in the US. Marketing is so strong that we really believe that happiness is in the next thing. In the US, we assign self worth to material things, your job and outward appearance. I look immediately beyond that and look at the person. If they are loving their life and work and the car is by-product of a joyful and abundant life, then PERFECT! For me, material possessions became a weight and never ending time/money pit.


I would not trade time, freedom and adventure for “stuff.” When I see a pretty car or jewelry, I can still admire it but there is no feeling of wanting to own it. I know that I would have to “trade” my freedom and time to earn the money to buy the “thing”, that I soon wouldn’t love as much and be on to the next thing. Where I live, the disparity between the haves and the have nots is very small. Everyone drives a Fred Flintstone car and business people in suits ride their bikes to work. Everything is old. I don’t feel like they have stuff and I don’t.


Replace what you are eliminating with a new activity or scenery in order not to feel lack or punishment.  Travel is an instant fix, that’s why moving automatically forces you to make a new lifestyle, so you won’t feel deprived but rejuventated by new surroundings.


If you didn’t have TV, at first it would feel very empty and boring at night, so replacing that with doing a puzzle, reading, music, painting or taking on line classes, working out or taking a walk outside after dinner.


Turn Down Time into Thinking and Gratitude Time!


Can you imagine getting up everyday and saying, “What do I want to do today rather than rushing through an overbooked day and chipping away at a never ending errand list which is only to maintain your stuff? Without possession, there is nothing to take care of. Now I make sure I am outside for the sunset, I love the birds chirping and having my morning coffee on the terrace.


Because of the language barrier, I must intentionally choose and find music, something to read and something to learn about. Read for learning, not something mindless, gossip or news. I am not bombarded and moving through life on autopilot. When you do your own thinking, you see the world differently.


Time and freedom are like a muscle that takes time and training to grow!

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  1. Mikayla G. says:

    All i think about everyday is packing up and leaving everything and everyone behind. I think about hitting the road as soon as I turn 18 and graduate college. Mostly think about leaving the United States completely. I would love to live the lifestyle you do, I think that is the point of total tranquility and contentedness. I do not believe I will be at that point for a while, and it does mean different things to different people. On the other hand, i do not think that currently that lifestyle is right for me. I just don’t think I could do it. I think all the time about just leaving and starting over. I guess i think it will make everything better and fix my problems, but also I have to know that I have to put forth effort. I would love to be somewhere sitting under an umbrella, on a private beach, with some smooth, slow R&B playing softly and listening to the waves crash. I also wonder if anybody would look for me, miss me, or if I would even cross their mind. Also, I very much so do enjoy the finer things in life. On the contrary, I do not believe they are the source of happiness. I could sit here and type about this all night, but I would like to go read some other articles on your website.

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