A Home is an Anchor not Security

Why do you think being ‘homeless’ can be a good thing?

Becoming homeless was the best thing I ever did. I had no idea what an anchor and trap owning a home was. Once I liquidated my possessions and rented out my house, I suddenly became able to move anywhere I wanted when opportunities opened up for me. I was also shocked at how much money and time I spent on maintaining a home. It would have taken me a lifetime to be able to keep a home AND live abroad. Now I have 3 monthly bills- health insurance, a cell phone and a small storage unit for personal mementos for my daughter.  I move around the world with 2 suitcases and a computer. I no longer have a car. I rent furnished places as I need them and rarely know where I will be more than a few months out. I am able to be flexible and take advantage of new places. Most of all, it costs so much less this way than the way I used to live.

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