Building Your Life Around a Vision vs Circumstance

BLOG:   Building Your Life Around a Vision vs Circumstance.
Are you living your life around a vision of how you want things to turn out? Or are you letting the tides of circumstances take you where they will?  Just remember what Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome.”  If you are allowing circumstance and happenstance to dictate your next moves, you might want to start the envisioning process by honoring your younger self. Thinking back to the dreams or visions you had in your earlier years, of what your life was going to look like.  Is this what your life looks like now?
As years go by, life-changing events happen and our lives are shaped to some extent by the scrapes, cuts and detours life throws at us, and over which we may have little control.  Nonetheless, each day, we have the choice to either live life or “let life live us.” For myself, I do sometimes feel like a pinball in an arcade game, bouncing off one obstacle another with all the bells and whistles going off.  We can’t always stop “life’s events” but we can choose how we react to them. At the least, when things get really scary, we can not let the events consume us until peace can be restored again. 
Whoever said, “You made your bed, now lay in it” should be bound and gagged. 
Of course we have the right to change our minds along the way.  And yes, we must live with the consequences of our actions, but any rut you get into, you can get out of.  Imagine you are going down the river.  You might have chosen to use the rudder to guide your way or you might have decided to just drift for a while. But let’s say you get washed into a little side tributary until it dead-ends. Here is a moment to consider:  would you sit there in the stagnant water and wait (perhaps forever) for the tide to turn, or do you turn around and paddle your way back to the main stream?  That’s what I am asking you to do, right now:  pick up your paddle and get back in the main stream of the life you truly want, and really can be living.
When you hold the vision of your dream lifestyle in your mind, you will subconsciously make changes to move in that direction and the universal laws of attraction will support you.  Here is one small example:  let’s say you strive for a more peaceful, calming home life.  Get in action and set the stage when you first come home.  Use your five senses. Set the lighting- soothing or cheerful, choose the music- upbeat or classical, light fragrant candles, pop some cool grapes in your mouth or start simmering some soup, then put out a bowl of colorful fruit.  De-clutter to prevent distractions that consume attention and dilutes your focus.  Create the vision, don’t let circumstances take over. 
I find that limiting the media I let into my world helps me to stay positive. Choose a TV show that serves you with knowledge or appreciation rather than numbing your mind.  Similarly with magazines, newspapers and books.  Choose reading materials that allow you to learn something which brings you closer to your vision.  Spend “down time” outside in nature, just observing, breathing and envisioning your perfect new life.
I am saying we, you and I, need NOT be productive all the time. I am suggesting you practice energy vs mere time management. Know yourself.  If you are especially
productive in the morning, make this your time to create.  Choose to do mindless activities, such as responding to email, cleaning or shopping, later in the day. Break up the day.  Build in “me time” to do nothing but appreciate all the good in your life, walk around the block for 15 minutes or sit on the porch and enjoy a refreshing drink.  Choose wisely. Awareness of what you want is the first step; inspired action is the second

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